CLEANOPTIC a range of products dedicated to fiber optic network !

A reliable network starts with clean and maintained connectors. Therefore, before using a connector, it is essential to be sure that it is clean and without failures and if not, the cleaning has to be done. One of the way of cleaning consists in "wet cleaning".

Air duster : AirOptic

Les airs secs : AIROPTIC

AIROPTIC Air dusters of CLEANOPTIC range are used to remove dust and to dry solvents (isopropyl alcohol and degreaser) that could have been deposited on the optical face.
Without contact with the optical connections, they limit the risk of damaging the optical fibers. The AIROPTIC Air dusters can be used in electronics, optoelectronics, optics and fiber optics.


AIROPTIC Air dusters are single-position non-flammable and free from impurities. They’re available in 2 sizes: large format of 650 ml and a small 175ml size which fits perfectly in every bag for intervention or maintenance.

Do not spray on fusion splicer or measurement equipment.