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CLEANOPTIC a range of products dedicated to fiber optic network !

Cleaning is an important step in the maintenance of fiber optic networks.

If you want to have good performances with your fiber optic network, you need to take care of well cleaning connectors, fiber optic end faces.

Dust, residue, grease, drop of water... can disrupt the good functioning of a fiber optic network communications. Contamination on the end of cables is also one of the main problems on fiber optic links.

Fibre optique comportant des traces de doigts

  Fiber optic with fingerprints

Fibre optique comportant des résidus de salive

  Fiber optic with residues
                of saliva

But the consequences often take long time to be detected and repaired. Finally it takes more time to re-intervene than the first cleaning.

Fibre optique avec une peluche de papier nettoyant

    Fiber optic with a
    plush of air paper

Fibre optique propre et bien nettoyée

     Clean fiber optic and
            well cleaned

Dirty optical end faces can cause loss of power, additional disturbances, scratches on optical surfaces, damage on the optical links, ...

All these elements, often microscopic, are responsible of the increase of the insertion loss, disruption in the transmission of information and errors on optical measurements.

Thus, to maintain every day and especially when installing its fiber optic network CLEANOPTIC offers a large range of cleaning products specially designed and adapted to fiber optics components.