CLEANOPTIC a range of products dedicated to fiber optic network.

The first cause of failure of fiber contamination is the end by a survey of installers and system owners in fiber optics relates that the first cause of failures is fiber end-face contamination. This problem is very easy to solve, simply follow the simple rules for cleaning while using cleaning products suitable for the field of fiber optics.


Les solvants CLEANOPTIC

One of the most commonly used way for cleaning the fiber consists in using solvents by removing dust and contaminants from the tip of an optical connector while avoiding damaging it.

The selection of suitable solvent and a proper drying are essential for fiber optics.

Air duster

Les airs secs : AIROPTIC

After using solvents, it is possible that residual alcohol remaining on the fiber. For this, we recommend you use a tissue.

These are lint-free cloth and allow a quality cleaning for lightly soiled surfaces.

Particularly effective to remove small dust and fingerprints, we recommend that you use to clean the connectors.

Dry paper

Les papiers de nettoyage CLEANOPTIC

They are used to remove dust and dry solvents. Without direct contact with optical connections, they limit the risk of damaging the fiber optics.

They can be used in electronics, optoelectronics, optics and fiber optics.

We remind you that in no case the dry air should be used to clean the measuring devices or welders (we recommend cleaning sticks for these applications).